'You fit the description’ is an ongoing series exploring the disproportionate number of young black and Asian men being stopped and searched in London by the Metropolitan Police. Recently released Home Office statistics for 2015-2016 show that a black person was six times more likely to be stopped and searched by police than a white person.

In addition to the colour of their skin, a number of the individuals I approached believed that they are targeted because of the area in which they live in and the clothes that they wear.

I want to bring more attention to an issue that I feel is regularly witnessed first-hand in public, yet seldom reported or discussed in the media. These young people are rarely given a platform to openly voice their opinions and feelings on the matter, which makes it difficult for them to counter their often-negative portrayal.

Through this series of portraits and environmental shots - taken in areas that these young men have been stopped and searched - I want to focus on an issue that is repeatedly overlooked, so that those who are affected by it are seen, heard and able to relate to others.